geoart at a galley near you
Love Stories (Sept 2022) at the Bear Gallery in Fairbanks, AK
Clays from Alaska rivers (Nov 2022 – Oct 2023) at Alaska Biennial at the Anchorage Museum
Love Stories (Sept-June 2023) Pratt Museum in Homer, AK
Love Stories (Sept-Oct 2024)Copper River Gallery in Cordova, AK

geoart by hand

You can 100% touch these pieces.

We share data through repositories. We share the land in Google Earth Engine applications. I also share science through art. How? By bringing what scientists are studying physically into the palms of the broader community. I use experience as a production potter to create tiles from field sites across the Arctic. The soils of variable particle size are wedged into tiles shapes, fired, glazed and fired again. Then, almost in what seems impossible, I can hand a piece of the Yukon River or the Mendenhall Glacier or ANWR to someone 1000s of miles away and say: “this is what the glacier’s edge looks like”. Or as they move their hand across the piece, say “this is what the river feels like”. I am captivated by the diversity of the science community. Many from the University of Alaska Fairbanks bring me bits and pieces of permafrost cores, potential clays, or bits of soil from beneath of the ocean floor. In this piece at the Anchorage Biennial, I would like to share the texture of the broader scientific community, with our broader Alaskan community.

Food security with Alaska DNR

MARCH 2023 to APRIL 2024 – As precipitation changes, irrigation becomes increasingly challenging. This pilot project tests two products for cottage food producers and home gardeners. First, this project pilots the use of ollas (ceramics pots buried in the center of raised beds), that can passively irrigate the box for a month. Second, this pilot project will include a water collection component that will feed rainwater into the buried ceramic pots as a more or less closed loop irrigation system. The pilot project will support 6 raised beds. See photos of biomimicry water collection system.

Clays from Alaska rivers

Rebirth pie(ces)

2021 – Incorporated ash in glaze. Fired and sent pieces of family and friends.

2020 – Fires burnt homes of family and friends in California and Michigan. The individuals sent ash to me.

Clays and mugs of Croatian bridges

SUMMER 2022 – clays from along the Sava harvested and fired.

SUMMER 2021 – Clays explored across Croatia. Mugs designed, thrown and fired.

NOVEMBER 2022 – OCTOBER 2023 Clays from Alaska rivers at Alaska Biennial at the Anchorage Museum

SUMMER 2022 – Map of approximate sites. Ned Rozell highlights this project in the weekly Alaska Science Forum column and the American Geophysical Union blog “The Field“. Link to webmap.

SPRING 2022 – Harvested clays in Haines

OCTOBER 2021 – Scanning electron microscopy of element signals.

SUMMER 2020/1 – Clays and silts harvested from 8 rivers in Alaska. Fired to cone 04. Test tiles half glazed.

Love stories for Bonanza Creek LTER In a Time of Change

MAY to AUGUST 2023 – Exhibition at Bunnell Street Art Center in Homer, AK

SEPTEMBER 2022 – Exhibition at Bear Gallery in Fairbanks, AK.

APRIL 2022 – dashboard released and cards published

MARCH 2022 – Fireweed movie with Katie Craney

SUMMER 2021 – Visited Bonanza Creek LTER. Harvested wild rose, fireweed.

geoart by computer

As a geographer of the Arctic, Antarctic and western Balkans, I prepare maps for friends and family and those working on their relationship with the land (e.g., caribou hunts).

KTOO: Cartographic adventures with Jacquie Foss and me (Feb 3 2022)

KINY: USFS science on the radio (Feb 4 2022)

MENDENHALL LECTURE (2022): Apps, facts and lots of maps

MENDENHALL LECTURE (2023): Not that Georgia! Take a Trip with the USFS to the Republic of Georgia

The Nenana-Totchaket project 


 “provide access .. Kantishna mineral deposits south west of Nenana.  The road will make .. the potential expansion for the ‘Road to Nome’ more beneficial for the residents of Alaska”. 

Here’s simple web map using publicly available DNR web services.

travel map

Where can I fish in Croatia?

writing for AGU